After over the 3 years of individual experience of working, Archibird Studio, based in Istanbul, was founded by Sumeyye Levin Yanık as many different work areas combined in one studio. We are designers and here to help you to make it happen, what's on your mind.

From architecture to graphic design and illustration, we design your projects all over from the start to the end.

Our philosophy at work is we love what we do and always try to think outside the box to find new and innovative ideas and concepts. We never settle for the easy way, always push the boundaries to offer our clients the best we can achieve.

The Story Of Our Studio Name

While finding the right name for our studio, our starting point was birds which are architect animals in nature. The weaver birds that inspired us with their unique nesting technique, unusual design and smart use of organic materials, reflect our perspective on architecture; we have combined the word “archi” which is a prefix signifying chief, arch; as, architect, with the word “bird” and Archibird Studio was born.

"There are 360 degrees so why stick to one?"

Zaha Hadid


Graphic Design



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